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What was the saddest moment you have ever seen in your travels?

Anything in the Rio Favelas. It's all pretty sad.

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Rio 2007 Pan American Games

My trip to Rio in July 2007 for the first week of the Pan American Games.

The green, green grass . . .

United States District of Columbia, United States  |  Jul 21, 2007
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 In Sao Paolo they make you go through security to get into the airport even to get back on the plane you just got off of. That's when the situation started. 

of home is actually brown from a lack of rain. But that aside, it's HOME! My flight home was not much better than my flight to Brazil, but I did get some sleep.

Several of the US medal winners - including rowers and the baseball team - were on the plane home. I was sitting next to one of the rowing coaches.

I got into a bit of a snag in Sao Paolo airport because I had a Gerber multitool in the bag with all the TV equipment. It had made it through security going to Rio and had made it through x-ray coming from Rio, but in Sao Paolo, they stopped me and wanted me to throw it away. I said "No Way, that',s R$120 tool. Let me put it in my checked baggage."

So they did. There was a two-hour lag between arriving in Sao Paolo and leaving for Rio. In Sao Paolo they make you go through security to get into the airport, even to get back on the plane you just got off of. That's when the situation started. Eventually everything was cleared up but there is no way that I am going to make THAT mistake again.

Our flight actually arrived early to the United States and I was able to get home before my wife Cornelia went to work. That's great! I hadn't seen her in almost two weeks and it was GOOD TO BE HOME.

Nothing is better on a trip than coming home. Now I need some time to recover since the woman in front of me spent most of the night reclined in my lap.

Like I said, the flight was only a LITTLE better than the one going down. World track and field is next in Osaka, Japan. I hope that trip is uneventful. They had an earthquake in Japan last week that caused a slight leak at a NUCLEAR power plant. Let's hope and pray the only excitement is on the track.
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    byrdmanva wrote: Mon Jul 23, 2007

    Thanks for the comment.

    In one of God's providential interventions, I apparently caught one of the last flights out of Brazil before the radar went wacky early Saturday morning.

    The flight I was on (United Flight 860 from Rio to Dulles) was crusing over Manaus in the wee hours of Saturday apparently right before the major radar station went haywire in another of Brazil's ongoing struggles with air traffic control. Planes were diverted and several flights were canceled, forced to land or turned back.

    I never felt so glad to be home.

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    JasonCoppage wrote: Sun Jul 22, 2007
    What a great journey. It's been a pleasure to read your Journal Entries. I look forward to your travels in japan. Good Luck.