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What was your most challenging travel experience?

Getting home from Greece in 1998 because of flight delays.

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Rio 2007 Pan American Games

My trip to Rio in July 2007 for the first week of the Pan American Games.

Pay that thang!

United States District of Columbia, United States  |  Jul 28, 2007
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I finished my voucher for the Rio trip today. It came in about $900 more than I had planned, but some things - like the driver to get me around Rio - were not in the original budget.

Once you check "this is my final voucher" in the little radio button, that's it. You have to file an amended report after that. But now it is in the hands of the people who pay for it and they will look at what I have done and ask me why and then they will pay it. And I will pay the credit card.

And the planning for Japan is in the bag. The hotel is paid for, the flights are booked and all I have to do now is get on the plane(s) and fly.

I came across a cool website that helps travelers prepare for things. It is a nonprofit site called Basically the big thing is to be able to pack for trips with one bag. It's very informative.

Some of the tips include: do you own laundry on the road; pack things that are made of synthetic fabrics rather than cotton (that way they don't wrinkle) use Ziploc bags - especially the big freezer ones - and most of all USE A LIST. If it isn't on the list, it doesn't go.

Check it out at
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    byrdmanva says, "Cheers, mate!" Mon Oct 27, 2008
    do cheersmate
    Cool. I found it indispensable when I went to Osaka. The hotel I was in had VERY limited closet space, and had I packed a big bag, I would have had nowhere to put my stuff.
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    eileen has read byrdmanva's journal and gave it a thumbs up Mon Sep 29, 2008
    do thumbsup
    I love the OneBag site, I have already bookmarked it and gotten very helpful info from it. Thanks for the tip! is shutting down to focus on other projects. We are no longer accepting new user registrations and will be deleting all user data in about a month. If you would like to download your information, please send a request to