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Rio 2007 Pan American Games

My trip to Rio in July 2007 for the first week of the Pan American Games.

You want to play, you got to pay

Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  |  Jul 14, 2007
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I found out about the rights issue. I can't take my equipment into the venue. Nothing. I have to leave all recording equipment behind. Which sucks. I can go into the venue, I can watch the competition, I can even talk to the athletes. I just can't record anything. So I have to be basically a newspaper reporter.

The ironic thing is, if I were credentialed as an internet reporter instread of a broadcaster, I could do everthing. I could take my equipment into the venue, I could record interviews, I could do everything that not paying International Sports Broadcasting prevents me from doing now.

I have tried to communicate to my bosses that these games are like private parties - kind of like going to the Oscars or the Grammys. You can't do anything there without permission either.

So I get to watch. I can't record what I see other than in writing. So that's that. You no pay, you no play. Then why should I stay?

I did get the problem solved. I was finally able to enter the right phone number, so now I can call the USA for free for the next 120 days. That's cool.

I was trying to find a headset to use with my computer so Ican make calls home. I will try to get one at a local mall later today.

I wonder if the American people would like the fact that I am here spending their money but I cannot deliver the product that I am trained to deliver. I can write things, like this post, but I can't take a photo, I can't record audio, and I can't do any video shooting because my government refuses to pay for the right for me to do that.

But someone from a Mexican, Salvadoran, or Cuban daily can do all that because they have a different credential.

But the TV stations in Chicago didn't pay for the rights either and so they're in the same boat I am. Cold comfort.
I think I'll go watch the fencing.

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