Serenne Romanycia - Ecuador adventure

Rainforest Conservation And Community Development Expedition In Ecuador

Serenne Romanycia - February 2007

Ecuador Tena, Ecuador  |  Feb 26, 2007
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 This expedition has been really beautiful and wondrous and full of everything 

I’m really sad to leave. This expedition has been really beautiful and wondrous and full of everything. I saw many things I thought I’d see and a billion things I never thought existed, like spiders with two black and yellow spikes on their backs, and moths that look like spaceships. The Amazon is a place filled with hidden things, and if you look hard and patiently everything slides/flies/crawls/hops into view once in a while. Everything has two sides here too: one side is showy and intense; the other side is hidden and silent and doesn’t want to be seen. Like butterflies, one side is to hide and the other side is brilliant colours that are impossible to believe. Even the weather is like this – on sunny days everything seems to be sluggish and quiet, then all of a sudden it can rain, and you hear this roar off in the distance, coming closer and closer, until suddenly it is pouring so hard that you can’t hear anything and it’s like being in a shower. It’s really cool, except if it rains for days then your underwear moulds and Dina’s sleeping bag in your room smells like foot fungus, but s’all good, really…

It’s hard to leave because it actually feels like home here now. The days are so full and interesting that it seems like I’ve been here much longer than 5 weeks. It’s a really cool group dynamic and the people work really well together.

For the record you guys can have my statement that this expedition is a really cool experience, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to experience the rainforest, explore, get sweaty, meet and help local communities with everything from rice harvesting and TEFL teaching to learning Spanish and them teaching you tagua carving and basket weaving. Such a good time: loved Hector’s Island, stream walks and butterfly surveys especially, and every hike was filled with new experiences and things to discover. So yeah, I had a brilliant time.
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  • Serenne Romanycia - February 2007

    February 26, 2007
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