Emily Hoggar - A day in Pez Maya - July 2006

Marine Conservation Expedition Mexico (SCUBA Beginners And Above)

A day in Pez Maya

Mexico Tulum, Mexico  |  Jul 26, 2007
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 Welcome to paradise! Blue skies, clear waters, palm tree lined white sands…..Yet this is no ordinary beautiful ‘Holiday’ TV show type beach – this is Pez Maya! 

Welcome to paradise! Blue skies, clear waters, palm tree lined white sands…..Yet this is no ordinary beautiful ‘Holiday’ TV show type beach – this is Pez Maya!

Pez Maya comes with the added luxuries of the most obscure, bizarre and stunning dive sites with an abundance of fish and fantastic coral; the fabulous beach hut accommodation which you will grow to love – especially falling asleep to the sound of the ocean (and of course bob, the resident hut 4 iguana); bucket showers – yes, it is what it sounds, but who else gets to shower with a picture postcard view of paradise?! Also, how could I forget breakfast porridge!! – adventurous porridge making skills required.

Mornings start early with birding or turtling – a chance to take some time out for a stroll, see some amazing things (including a sunrise over the ocean) and learn a lot! Duties are next – nothing too gruelling and actually quite a good laugh with your new hut buddies.
Breakfast! – you have been warned! (chocolate porridge was my boast). Boat PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSH! – I arrived here a weedy girl, I’m leaving as Hulk Hogan.

Kitting up time – You will feel so professional by week 2!
Buddy check and circle of love - yes it is as much fun as it sounds! Then you’re ready to head on down to boats for that final push and you’re off skimming the waves over the bluest, clearest seas, with the wind in your hair and mouthfuls of saltwater.

Dives are unique and individual and always, always leave you wanting more! If you’re worried about learning coral/fish all you need is one dive and you will be transformed instantly into a geek! The rest of the day might be science revision, another dive, radio or compressor duty, perhaps even squeeze in some hammock time. You finish the day with may be a football match, a trip to Tulum for teaching or just a few beers over dinner and a catch up.

I seem to have written loads and I’ve not even mentioned road trips, pirate parties, Ori burgers, turtle nests, beach cleans, EFR training (!), cenotes, monitoring…..etc!

Life here is fast pace, oh so satisfying and rewarding, a lot of fun and a chance to meet crazy like-minded people! You absolutely have to come! (I recommend 10 weeks!)

In the wise words of Lyndon…..’Pez Maya will change your life’.
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  • A day in Pez Maya

    July 26, 2007
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