TEFL in Thailand

Teaching And Community Development Expedition In Thailand

Deepak Jas - August 2007

Thailand Thailand  |  Aug 26, 2007
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 Do I have any regrets doing this expedition? No! 

Do I have any regrets doing this expedition? No! An emphatic no! The experience was definitely challenging and you get as much as you put in but being in Thailand and actually teaching is an amazing feeling.
The expedition is based in a community called Ao Luk, where everyone is unbelievably friendly and not jaded by the tourism industry. It’s green and lush and distinctively authentic. I felt so welcome in fact that the Mayor and his wife became my new friends.
The base we lived on certainly exceeded expectations. Whilst it’s not a Hilton Hotel it’s much more than basic. The people I met were great. There was a variety of ages, experiences and backgrounds, and in the process you discover a lot.
Life on the base is work hard, play hard. There is a daily schedule to keep things smooth, which begins at 8am in the morning and for me finished at 8:30 pm. You are responsible for your lessons but also responsible for maintenance of the base, including cooking and cleaning alongside a team of dynamic peers and staff. It’s a demanding schedule and you need to be prepared to have a strong work ethic and resilience to get through it.
The TEFL training we got was of good quality and the support was great. There is help and feedback both individually and as a group, all of which build your confidence for teaching. Thank you to our wonderful trainers!
Teaching itself…wow! The students are fantastic. Polite, friendly and enthusiastic. I never felt nervous or worried because the experience was enjoyable! Lesson planning and making resources could be challenging but the end product, actually teaching, is just amazing and makes all the preparation worth it.
Thailand is a beautiful country with lovely people. You will see many unforgettable things, emerald green lagoons, untouched beaches, towering limestone cliffs, not to mention fun adorable kids and smiling, helpful adults among the local community. All in all it was an experience to remember.

To make the most of the expedition you need to:

1. Be prepared to work hard.
2. Enjoy and immerse yourself into the community
3. Be patient, resilient, enthusiastic and flexible
4. Explore any opportunities and initiate projects!
5. Be able to have fun!

Thanks to GVI and wishing future expedition members the best!
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  • Deepak Jas - August 2007

    August 26, 2007
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